Five in the Net

Eric Kreutzer, BDM Newcastle & Hunter Region, Aurecon

What do you love/enjoy most about what you do?

Working with clients to help them solve the challenges presented by the continuing operation of their complex plants in ever changing economic circumstances. Evolving and developing the Aurecon brand in the Hunter by winning and successfully completing engineering projects that have a positive influence on development of the region.  Networking with Hunter businesses to continuously develop the regions capabilities.

What significant changes have you seen take place in your profession/area of expertise through the years?

The positive change of business in the Hunter post the BHP closure, several resource industry cycles and the formation of HunterNet. Hunter businesses are now successfully competing around the globe, they continue to view the Hunter as a key market but have developed national and international markets based on their locally developed expertise. These success stories are built on world leading products, services and IP as well as a willingness to learn, change and adapt to new circumstances.

What do you see as the coming trends in your profession/area of expertise?

The continuing globalisation of business with increasing international outsourcing, the growth of renewable energy sources and a digital revolution which will have as profound an effect on the way we all work and live, as the industrial revolution had on agricultural economies, over 200 years ago.

What do you get from attending forums and networking events?

Networking with regional peers to help develop both my own and other businesses. Gathering intelligence on projects of regional importance.

Who would you like to be talk to / be introduced at our next networking event?

An international case study on the successful transformation of a regional economy from a heavy industrial base to an internationally competitive knowledge based growth economy. I’m sure we can learn from others’ success stories.

Contact:  Eric Kreutzer, BDM Newcastle & Hunter Region, Aurecon Aurecon logo
P:    (02) 49415621