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2016 will see a strong focus on advanced manufacturing though the HunterNet Advanced Manufacturing Forums which commenced last year.  The Program has covered key topics such as Mechatronics & Automation and Practical 3D Printing plus a visit to CSIRO (as well as the holding our inaugural Hunter Advanced Manufacturing Summit). There is ample evidence that members are prepared to invest in advanced manufacturing technologies and practices.

The Hedweld Group of Companies have made a long term commitment to invest in new technology for advanced manufacturing by diversifying into new markets such as agri business and providing their services to other METS companies.  Hedweld have also supported Australian manufacturers that are faced with competition from offshore manufacturers that have access to cheap labour.

“The strategic opportunity that Hedweld has pursued is to invest in advanced manufacturing technology and state of the art machinery that means that it doesn’t matter where you base your manufacturing facility; the equipment will only operate at its designed maximum capacity. With Australian’s innovative culture this places our manufacturing capabilities in a position to be a genuine global competitor in advanced manufacturing practices’, said Managing Director, Ian Hedley.

“This is where Australian companies can come to the lead in global competitiveness. Hedweld is just one Australian company to prove that with correct personnel training and strategic planning, Australian manufacturing can be at the forefront of world class advanced manufacturing practices”.

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