Heel Implants, Jet Engines & Vehicle Prototypes – Lab 22 Offers 3D PrintingHunterNet at CSIRO

Given our inroads into the Advance Manufacturing sector, HunterNet accepted an invitation to tour CSIRO’s Melbourne Lab 22 facility – the $6 million additive manufacturing centre making metal additive manufacturing more accessible for industry and increasing its adoption across Australia.

Lab 22 is providing Australian companies with access to metal additive manufacturing (3D printing) technologies that promise high efficiency and productivity gains for a competitive advantage.  The machines utilised can be categorised based on how the raw material is fed (powder bed, cold spray, blown powder) or their heat source (e-beam or laser). Machines can handle a wide variety of materials including ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and sand.

With a team of experts working closely with companies, Lab 22 are able to deliver cost-effective solutions, catering to a wide spectrum of requirements, such as increasing the speed, performance and affordability of 3D-Printed-Jet-Enginetechnologies. They are able to capture 3D data and simulate both the manufacturing process and in-service part performance. The designers can turn a new design idea into a testable prototype within a week.

Through collaboration with CSIRO, HunterNet hope to soon provide members with the opportunity to tour Lab 22 and take advantage of 3D printing for a global competitive advantage.

Find out more at  http://www.csiro.au/en/Research/MF/Areas/Metals/Lab22

Please contact wayne.diemar@hunternet.com.au for further information. CSIRO