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Current Projects

HunterNet has a history of managing both internally and externally funded member support programs and projects, focussed on business development and marketing opportunities for members. Below is a brief overview of the current key member support programs being undertaken by HunterNet.

Each of these key member support programs has a comprehensive business plan and emanating from these key member support programs are a number of industry briefings, workshops and seminars which support Members.

Current Projects

Intention / Outcomes

Funding Entity

Bin Trim Business Grants Program

The Bin Trim Business Grants program funds waste assessments for small and medium-sized businesses. The assessors are funded by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA). They undertake free assessments, produce tailored action plans and provide support to businesses to reduce waste and increase recycling. Bin Trim assessors enter data into the online Bin Trim tool.

Bin Trim Project Page


Asian Century Business Engagement Plan

In line with the objectives and goals of the ACBE Plan, HunterNet will play a significant role in the facilitation of new initiatives to improve Hunter and Central Coast business links into businesses and business organisations in Asia. Specifically, HunterNet will focus on the coal mining Industry in China and Indonesia.

ACBE Project Page


Local Coal Supply Chain Participation Project

The purpose of the project is to develop a proven model with national and potentially, global applications, focused on increasing the level of local SME participation in the coal supply chain by helping them build their long term supply capability.  The process will also assist them to identify and target the best fit in the supply chain for their products and services.


Coal & Allied

HunterNet Defence Poject
  1. Review and Refine model that allows Hunter and Central Coast SME engagement into defence related industry.
  2. Work closely with companies that are or have the capability to be involved in Defence work and visit these companies and ensure that they are Defence ready, build teams.
  3. Market the industry capability of the region to secure new defence contracts through engagement of Primes and follow up opportunities.
  4. Identify opportunities for the development of products, capabilities and services.
  5.  Promotion of Hunter Defence activities to Stake Holder Groups.
  6. Coordinate and Support HunterNet Defence Forum and Hubs.
  7. Diversification for Hunter Central Coast.
  8. Defence industry into other industry sectors. Identify successes by regional SMEs.

Defence website



Past Projects

Support from government entities has always featured since HunterNet’s inception. Over the past 10 years a number of projects have been successfully delivered and have contributed to the way HunterNet conducts its day to day business with members today.

An overview of these projects is listed below:

Past Projects

Intention / Outcomes

Funding Entity

‘Workshops, Industry Intelligence & Networking (WIIN) Program

Support was provided over 2 stages to conduct workshops for SMEs centred on motivating firms to innovate through improvements in their productivity, competiveness and/or efficiency.

Enterprise Connect

‘Strategic Skills Program –
Industry Partnerships’

This project was aimed at the development of improved skills and training and builds a sustainable model for Hunter mining and engineering skills. This project brought awareness of Lean Manufacturing concepts to HunterNet members and led to the development of Competitive Manufacturing training that was further developed in conjunction with Hunter TAFE.

NSW Department of Education and
Training, State Training Services.

2005 -2007
‘Innovate the Hunter’

This project built on the above project through the development of an Innovation Assessment Tool to enable SMEs to understand where they sat on the innovation scale with recommendations provided to increase attention to innovation and also spawned the ‘Building Workforce Capability’ project and the ‘Hunter Skills Development Taskforce’

NSW Dept. of State and Regional Development, Ausindustry & Commonwealth
Regional Partnerships Program

‘Knowledge Intensive Manufacturing - A Model for Action’

This project was instrumental in building a culture of innovation and exposed the characteristics of innovative companies. Research was undertaken by the Hunter Valley Research Foundation and targeted seminars were conducted exploring world and national ‘best practice’ in manufacturing.

NSW Dept. of State and Regional Development, Ausindustry & Commonwealth
Regional Partnerships Program

2002 -2003
‘Make it in the Hunter’

This project focussed on SME manufacturers to better secure work through improved communication, marketing and tendering skills. A part time project officer was employed during this period.

Hunter Economic Development Corporation, Commonwealth Regional Assistance Program & NSW Dept. of State & Regional Development.


  • 31 Mar 2014

    “As a HunterNet member, you look out for the other members for work opportunities".

  • 31 Mar 2014

    “A critical factor to the success of our business model is our ability to work collaboratively with local industry partners such as HunterNet members".

  • 31 Mar 2014

    “Recent referrals into new areas of the Defence supply chain have opened up more opportunity for us.” Jennylee Taylor, General Manager, ATSA Defence Services.

  • 31 Mar 2014

    “We’ve gained 30 clients through HutnerNet with relationships". Humanonics

  • 22 May 2015

    "HunterNet forums provide the details to follow up opportunities”.

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