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HunterNet Defence Projects

"For ATSA this has been very beneficial in savings of time and money due to most of our Defence business development work being interstate."

"In early 2013 Advitech had reached the point at which we considered that there was minimal likelihood of securing further Defence related work – certainly in the short to medium term. However, through the insistence of Defence Project Director, and our subsequent participation in the Hunter Defence Project, we became re-invigorated and have since had very positive discussions with Amphibious & Afloat Support System Program Office and Thales in relation to the provision engineering services for naval vessels."

"Hunter Defence Project has provided us with new business connections that otherwise wouldn’t have been made - we have established a connection with Hetronic Australia, a Hunter-based company and fellow HunterNet member.  We collaborated with to create a realistic, tablet-based user interface for a HUSKY Mark 3 protected route clearance vehicle with interrogator arm simulator."  Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim).



  • 31 Mar 2014

    “As a HunterNet member, you look out for the other members for work opportunities".

  • 31 Mar 2014

    “A critical factor to the success of our business model is our ability to work collaboratively with local industry partners such as HunterNet members".

  • 31 Mar 2014

    “Recent referrals into new areas of the Defence supply chain have opened up more opportunity for us.” Jennylee Taylor, General Manager, ATSA Defence Services.

  • 31 Mar 2014

    “We’ve gained 30 clients through HutnerNet with relationships". Humanonics

  • 22 May 2015

    "HunterNet forums provide the details to follow up opportunities”.

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