SafetyWorks Dive into Uncharted Waters


SafetyWorks in Unchartered WatersPerforming environmental remediation work at the now discontinued brick works in the Hunter Valley, CSR is currently developing the former quarry site into a safe community area. The space features a dam at its centre ideal for fishing and, when complete, will also include numerous picnic and barbeque areas.

As part of CSR’s commitment to ensuring public safety, the project required the engagement of Industrial Divers to survey the dam to identify any hazardous items remaining submerged following its use as a brick quarry.

CSR engaged the SafetyWorks Group to help ensure it was meeting its relevant legal obligations and to gain assurance that risks were being adequately managed by the Industrial Diving Contractors.

SafetyWorks involvement in this project represents another fine example of a HnterNet member diversifying their business activities in to specialist areas.

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– 5 Day SafeWork NSW Approved Course

Under the model health and safety legislation, those organisations that have elected HSRs in place must allow for them to attend approved Health and Safety Representative training if requested by the HSRs (Work Health and Safety Act 2001, 72 (1)). SafetyWorks Group is an approved training provider of Health and Safety Representative (HSR) training for the delivery of both the initial 5-day training program and the 1-day refresher training program granted by WorkCover NSW. The approved training assists HSRs to understand and fulfil their role and functions in influencing health and safety outcomes in their workplace. While the course content and materials are pre-set, we customise each course with specific examples and applications to meet your organisational requirements.

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