Featured company:  Advitech

The key outcome for Advitech has been gaining greater insight into Defence opportunities, both current and planned, that we could pursue.

We have become aware of these opportunities through our participation in a range of activities including:

  • HunterNet Defence Forums;
  • Defence email updates
  • Specific project briefings, eg LAND 400 – Land Combat Vehicle System; and
  • Hunter Defence Conferences.

From the information we have gained through our participation in the Hunter Defence Project, we have been able to better prepare our business development strategies and thereby improve our positioning in the defence market.

Whilst we may not have yet secured contracts for professional services, we are significantly further advanced in our business development activities than we would have had we not had the benefit of the Hunter Defence Project.

Featured company:  ATSA

  • The Hunter Defence Conference had a F35 JSF focus and we were able to establish a clear vision about our company’s potential future role in the Through Life Support component of this program, providing us with face to face access with the Lockheed Martin US representative.
  • Improved manufacturing processes after Lean training.
  • Networking with other companies.
  • Collaboration with other companies to share training.

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Featured company:  Bohemia Interactive Solutions (BISim)

  • New business connections that otherwise wouldn’t have been made e.g. we have established a connection with Hetronic Australia (HunterNet Member), a Hunter-based company we collaborated with to create a realistic, tablet-based user interface for a HUSKY Mark 3 protected route clearance vehicle with interrogator arm simulator.
  • Increased opportunity for extended VBS development.
  • Knowledge of the local and country-wide defence position and updated information.
  • Participation in training that has Increased knowledge of best-practice tendering, estimating and pricing fundamentals and capitalising on tender, trade show and networking opportunities.

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Featured company:  Dexata

  • Connections to the University of Newcastle
  • Ability to participate in Trade Show events. The Defence Project Director provided an excellent knowledge on who was at the events and where they were.
  • Opportunities notified with the winning of work.

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Featured company:  Forgacs

  • Increased Role for Hunter in Major Defence Contract.

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Featured company:  Nova Group

  • The Defence Projects role is critical and quite successful in overcoming this common SME obstacle of accessing the Primes.
  • Very useful in accessing key Prime contacts such as Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Boeing, Raytheon, and Thales.
  • Much stronger relationship foundation. Nova met up with LM at AUSRAIL in Perth following dinner meeting which made the meeting much more productive in another sector.
  • Very insightful knowledge gained on JSF program.  This will help us better position Nova for future work.
  • We are currently involved in partnering with Lockheed Martin on Air 5428 and these contacts help strengthen this relationship.

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Featured company:  Puzzle Precision

For Puzzle Precision, HunterNet is the number one association for the Defence industry regarding networking, industry awareness and industry exposure. As a third tier supplier supporting priority industry capabilities and the global supply chain participants, it is important for us to raise our profile within the Defence industry while maintain customer confidentialities. As a consequence it is difficult for us to quantify the outcomes that Puzzle Precision reaches from engagement in HunterNet activities. Puzzle Precision do consider our membership with HunterNet to be a valuable asset and appreciate the proactive approach it takes to promote Puzzle Precision.

Puzzle Precision have noticed a significant increase to the flow of information presented to us by HunterNet.  The Project Director has always been approachable and proactive regarding the promotion of Puzzle Precision within the Defence industry. This industry awareness that is emailed to us is vital as Puzzle Precision do not have the time to gather the information ourselves from the myriad of sources.

  • Industry Awareness
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Direct Business to Business Marketing opportunities
  • SCIP – strategic management coaching for continuous improvement

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Featured company:  Unitronix

Through the Defence Project has provided:

  • Networking with other companies has been very useful.
  • No particular contracts have been won directly from the Defence Project but there have certainly been some good successes that Unitronix have been more successful on that Unitronix otherwise may have been before our new computing. system and swapping over our procedures to ISO 9001.
  • Knowledge gained specifically in areas such as ISO9001, bidding requirements, opportunity identification.
  • Skills gained in lean, ISO  and networking.
  • Capability improved efficiency through new computing system and bringing our procedures in line with ISO9001.

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Featured company:  University of Newcastle

Regular attendance by UON researchers at monthly HunterNet Defence Forum events highlighting how valuable these events are in making connections and gaining an understanding of the Defence Sector. Ensure attendance by the University at state and national events e.g. SADIG NSW Industry Workshop on the Defence White Paper 2015 and Land Forces 2015.

Increased awareness of UON research expertise by local, national and international companies. Joined RPDE as an Associate Member in January with one researcher already participating in RPDE Workshop. UON currently in discussions about potentially funded research and key partnerships.

Through the Defence Project has provided:

  • Institution connections to Defence agencies and individual researcher connections with other HunterNet members.
  • Executed contract with RPDE as an Associate member
  • Increased opportunities for promotion of UON research capabilities and academic staff. Knowledge of Defence activities and opportunities.
  • Established contacts within Defence sector for potential collaborative research projects. Increased university profile in Defence sector.

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Featured company:  Varley

As a result of the work carried out by the Defence Project:

  • Maintained connections with key government officials and Defence industry representatives.
  • Awarded contract with RMMVA for Land121ph3B Storage and Maintenance Modules.
  • Defence Industry Forums and Conference provided the opportunity to increase awareness of company’s capabilities amongst Defence primes and opportunities amongst Suppliers.
  • Updated with market requirements, trends and opportunities.
  • Skills gained and Capability improved  in Defence tendering and cost estimating.
  • Maintained core engineering resources and key production employees .
  • Sales improved with awarding of contract with RMMVA for Land121ph3B Storage and Maintenance Modules.
  • Streamlined tendering process consequently saving time.

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