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Advitech is a multidisciplinary engineering and environmental consultancy located at Steel River, Newcastle.

Our team of engineers, environmental scientists, project managers, archaeologists, ecologists, drafters and technical experts work with clients in the resources, energy, construction, entertainment, government, transport, defence and manufacturing sectors.

The services we offer include:

  • Engineering design and analysis (mechanical and structural)
  • 3D modelling and drafting
  • Strategic engineering support
  • Project management
  • Process (chemical) engineering
  • Risk management
  • Functional safety
  • Environmental planning, assessment and compliance monitoring
  • Sustainability – energy and resources efficiency


Having been involved in Defence projects since 1997, Advitech has observed, and experienced, a significant shift in how SMEs are engaged by both the Defence Materiel Organisation and prime contractors. In our opinion, this has generally resulted in reduced opportunities for SMEs.

In such an environment, the key challenges for Advitech, in attempting to remain actively involved in defence related work, have been:

  • Gaining access to current information on defence related opportunities (including relevant  contact details); and
  • Access to a knowledgeable reference contact with whom we could discuss strategies on how to best approach specific projects or organisations.


Through the Defence Project Director’s work on the HunterNet Defence Project, we have been greatly assisted in addressing those challenges.

The services provided to Advitech through the Hunter Defence Project, and Ian Dick in particular, have included:

  • Advice – Information on various Defence briefings and exhibitions.
  • Collaboration – Advitech has been invited to participate in various workshops and meetings to discuss strategies for Hunter involvement in larger defence acquisitions.
  • Information – We have been provided with comprehensive information on Defence and industry news.
  • Linkage / connection – Through our participation in the HunterNet Defence Forums, we have now been introduced to other Hunter SMEs with whom we could jointly pursue future opportunities.
  • Opportunity (Tender, Other) – We have been notified of  various opportunities from Defence and other organisations – through a combination of regular ‘Defence Approaches’ email updates and project specific briefings.
  • Presentations, Conference – Advitech’s capabilities were promoted at the 2014 Hunter Defence Conference and other presentations.


The key outcome for Advitech has been gaining greater insight into Defence opportunities, both current and planned, that we could pursue.

We have become aware of these opportunities through our participation in a range of activities including:

  • HunterNet Defence Forums;
  • Defence email updates
  • Specific project briefings, eg LAND 400 – Land Combat Vehicle System; and
  • Hunter Defence Conferences.

From the information we have gained through our participation in the Hunter Defence Project, we have been able to better prepare our business development strategies and thereby improve our positioning in the defence market.

In early 2013 Advitech had reached the point at which we considered that there was minimal likelihood of securing further Defence related work – certainly in the short to medium term. However, through the insistence of Defence Project Director, and our subsequent participation in the Hunter Defence Project, we became re-invigorated and have since had very positive discussions with Amphibious & Afloat Support System Program Office and Thales in relation to the provision engineering services for naval vessels.

Whilst we may not have yet secured contracts for professional services, we are significantly further advanced in our business development activities than we would have had we not had the benefit of the Hunter Defence Project.

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