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ATSA provides excellence in support for the world’s most advanced electronic systems. Its combination of expertise and innovation delivers integrated support solutions for a range of technological and electro-mechanical solutions in harsh environments, particularly marine, sub-sea and robotics. ATSA’s expertise covers the full life-cycle of all electronic systems, from initial development through to production, including technical support and training.

ATSA specialises in support for Defence and has completed projects on Australia’s ship construction projects including the ANZAC Ship, Minehunter Coastal, LHD Project and Air Warfare Destroyer. Products developed by the ATSA engineering team are in-service with the RAN in the Minehunter Coastal and COLLINS Class submarine.

Products and services of ATSA are used for defence, security, diver support, salvage and naval tasks as well as for coastal and inshore operators for observation, inspection, environmental work, deep tunnel penetration and survey operations.


ATSA Defence Services has been a member of HunterNet for a number of years and have proactively participated as a HunterNet member.  ATSA required additional Defence connections, knowledge, training and opportunities and understanding of the Defence markets that we needed to be involved.


With the introduction Project Director – Hunter Central Coast Defence, the HunterNet Defence Forum has raised the bar in terms of providing value for money for HunterNet members.

The Project Director has successfully facilitated bringing to the Region a great number of speakers ranging from the major prime contractors to various System Program Office officials to connect with the local SMEs in the forum and one on one.

  • Our active participation in the Hunter Defence Conference has given ATSA/UVS a larger audience to connect with and allowed the building of relationships with various prime contractors.

The Project has been a fantastic resource for providing opportunities for staff training in LEAN and Developing Defence Tenders, not to mention connecting ATSA/UVS with other members that have enabled us to collaborate and share the cost of training.

General networking in this environment has led to ATSA/UVS being able to establish strong supply chain relationships with local businesses and provided understanding of local capability for future possible collaboration.

ATSA/UVS plan on remaining connected to HunterNet and the Defence Forum as a key resources in our strategic plan.


In particular for ATSA this has been very beneficial in savings of time and money due to most of our Defence business development work being interstate.

  • The Hunter Defence Conference had a F35 JSF focus and we were able to establish a clear vision about our company’s potential future role in the Through Life Support component of this program, providing us with face to face access with the Lockheed Martin US representative.
  • Improved manufacturing processes after Lean training.
  • Networking with other companies
  • Collaboration with other companies to share training.

UVS Awarded Sub-contract for SEA1770, 2016

ATSA Introduce Clever Buoy, 2016

Defence Skills:  Seamless Translation to Commerical Markets

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You may be interested to know that an Invitation to Register (ITR) for the Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul and Upgrade of F-35 JSF Air Vehicle Components (MRO&U AVC) was released on AusTender on 13 June 2017 and closes on 17 July 2017.

The purpose of the ITR is to establish prequalified lists for future JPO requirements in relation to MRO&U AVC for all future JPO Requests for Information (RFIs) which are released to the Commonwealth in relation to MRO&U AC. The intent of this ITR is to streamline the process for industry and for the Commonwealth in relation to future RFIs.

To view the ITR, please go to the AusTender website at and download CASG/JSF/RFI0160/17.

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