Case Study:


Dexata is a proven supplier of breakthrough analytic capabilities within the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) domain.

Experts in real time analytics at big-data scale, our systems convert huge volumes of sensor data into qualified, actionable intelligence.

We maximise the value of your existing ISR infrastructure, intelligence and people, to dramatically raise your comprehension of unfolding events.


The key challenges for Dexata,

  • Gaining access to current information on defence related opportunities (including relevant  contact details); and
  • Access to a knowledgeable reference contact with whom we could discuss strategies on how to best approach specific projects or organisations.


Through the HunterNet Defence Project we have been greatly assisted in addressing those challenges.

The services provided to Dexata through the Hunter Defence Project have included:

  • Information on various Defence activities.
  • Included company in various activities.
  • Provided latest information on Defence and industry news. Ensured that company was promoted in various publications.
  • Ensured that NSW Trade & Investment including Ken Gillespie and other govt support was provided.
  • Provided various opportunities from Defence and other organisations eg ADIN upgrade Project.
  • Company presented at various activities. Ensured that appropriate presenters provided appropriate information.
  • With support of HunterNet staff providing assistance and information for various activities.


The key outcome Dexata included:

  • Connections to the University of Newcastle
  • Ability to participate in Trade Show events. The Defence Project Director provided an excellent knowledge on who was at the events and where they were.
  • Opportunities notified with the winning of work.

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