Case Study:


Puzzle Precision Pty Ltd provides electronic assembly solutions for critical reliability markets that utilize innovative and specialised technologies and require performance on demand.  Puzzle Precision apply metallurgical expertise to meet and exceed IPC industry acceptability standards for electronic circuit board assemblies. Established in Newcastle NSW Puzzle Precision have been operating since 1994


Puzzle Precision needed to improve their Project Opportunities, Support, networking, contacts and Training in particular improvement in their manufacturing processes.


The HunterNet Defence Project provided:

  • Informative meetings regarding the Global supply chain and procurement needs of international Primes.
  • Assisted with appropriate govt support.
  • Included company in various activities.
  • Provided latest information on Defence and industry news in emails from Ian. Ensured that company was promoted in various publications.
  • Linkage / connection with AusIndustry – Adrian Down and Sam Wong, DMO – SADI funding application, NSW Trade and Investment – Eddie Bernard and Malcom St Hill assisted Puzzle.
  • Tender, Other provided various opportunities from Defence.
  • Participated at Hunter Defence Conference including introductions and exchange of business cards.
  • Supported at various government and industry presentations including development of quad chart.
  • Lean Training / Workshops.
  • With support of HunterNet staff providing assistance and information for various activities.


For Puzzle Precision, HunterNet is the number one association for the Defence industry regarding networking, industry awareness and industry exposure. As a third tier supplier supporting priority industry capabilities and the global supply chain participants, it is important for us to raise our profile within the Defence industry while maintain customer confidentialities. As a consequence it is difficult for us to quantify the outcomes that Puzzle Precision reaches from engagement in HunterNet activities. Puzzle Precision do consider our membership with HunterNet to be a valuable asset and appreciate the proactive approach it takes to promote Puzzle Precision.

Sandra has attended networking opportunities which have led to a number of defence industry representatives, including Government officials, Key Defence Personnel and Defence Primes, visiting our facility. Puzzle Precision believe these activities have, and will continue, to elevate our company profile within the defence industry.  Puzzle Precision are unable to disclose contracts.

Puzzle Precision have noticed increase media coverage and perceive an increase of defence industry activities in Newcastle. The direct impact on our workload cannot be quantified in terms of new customers or new projects.

In February 2012 a number of our key employees attended Lean training through coordinated by the HunterNet, Defence Project. Lean continues to be a key focus within Puzzle Precision.  The availability of Lean training through HunterNet was a major component of why Puzzle joined HunterNet. LEAN training has helped the employees of Puzzle Precision to play an active role in the allocation of their resources to value adding activities and to remove wastages from our processes. Management is committed to the reallocation of these resource “savings” towards continual improvement activities.

Puzzle Precision was also referred to the SCIP program.  In 2014, Puzzle Precision were in second year of SCIP program and were looking to start year three pending AusIndustry evaluation.

Puzzle Precision have noticed a significant increase to the flow of information presented to us by HunterNet.  The Project Director has always been approachable and proactive regarding the promotion of Puzzle Precision within the Defence industry. This industry awareness that is emailed to us is vital as Puzzle Precision do not have the time to gather the information ourselves from the myriad of sources.

  • Industry Awareness
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Direct Business to Business Marketing opportunities
  • SCIP – strategic management coaching for continuous improvement

Contact: Sandra Coburn Puzzle Precision Logo
Unit 4, 54 Pendlebury Rd
Cardiff NSW 2285
P:  61 2 4954 3933