Frequently Asked Questions – Job Seekers

What is a Group Training Company?

A Group Training Company provides a range of services to its clients in regards to recruitment, placement, monitoring and review of an apprentice/trainee’s progress, while undertaking their trade/skill course.

Who is HunterNet Group Training Company?

HunterNet Group Training is a non-profit organisation that specialises in providing apprentices/trainees to the manufacturing & aeronautical industry in the Newcastle & Hunter Valley region.

What is the difference between an apprenticeship and traineeship?

The main differences between the two are  that an apprenticeship usually lasts for 3 – 4 years and covers the more traditional trades – i.e. electrical, fitter/machinist, boilermaker, whilst a  traineeship normally lasts one or two years and provide training in vocational areas not usually covered by apprenticeships (i.e. administration, warehousing and storage).

Both apprenticeships and traineeships include the following:

  • Paid employment under an appropriate industrial arrangement (i.e an award)
  • A training agreement between the employer and apprentice or trainee which is registered with the NSW Department of Education and Training.
  • Structured on-the-job training
  • A training program, delivered by a Registered Training Organisation through which you will gain a nationally recognised qualification.

Where do I undertake my training?

Training will primarily take place at TAFE and your workplace will provide an opportunity to practice what you have learnt and receive additional instructions.

Depending upon the course that you are undertaking, you may attend any TAFE campus conducting that course which has a vacancy for you.  This means that you can attend a TAFE that is closer to home rather than work. So as not to miss out on the campus of your choice, ensure that you enrol early once your placement of employment has been confirmed.

Some courses are only conducted at certain TAFE campuses, due to resources etc. and therefore may not allow the choice of campus.

Who pays for my TAFE enrolment fees?

Initially, it is your responsibility to pay for any TAFE fees. However, at the completion of each year and upon completion of the required competencies, HNGTC will reimburse those fees once a successful yearly TAFE transcript has been received.

What do I do about tools?

Depending upon your trade/course, HunterNet Group Training Company will supply you with a start-up tool kit to assist you in the workplace initially. A small amount can be deducted from your weekly wages to reimburse the cost.  After completion of your 3 month probationary period you will receive a Tools for Your Trade Incentive payment from the Federal Government to buy additional tools (in addition to the start-up kit) to see you to the end.

When can I apply for an Apprenticeship / Traineeship?

HunterNet Group Training Company generally recruits during August for positions to start in January / February of each year.  However we also have other positions throughout the year.  Please check the Jobseekers page for current positions available.