HunterNet Future Leaders Program 2020

2020 Program Converted to Online Webinars

SESSION 1: 7th May – Online Networking in the Changed World

Presented by Julia Palmer from Relatus

Julia Palmer, an avid loyal supporter of our program, has been with us since 2016.

Recently described as “A woman of her time”, Julia’s message is important now more than ever.

The drastically changing global playing field, technology takeover and organisational shuffle (flattening of hierarchies) is leading to the rise of networks of teams and expanded connectivity.

Julia works with all job titles in all industries to help them develop their soft, social and emotional skills to give them the human advantage.

For more on Julia as a Professional speaker including testimonials and live demos of Julia’s work – please visit

For more on capability development and resources – please stay at Relatus

SESSION 2 – Part 1: 4th June – Leading Remote Teams and Managing Productivity

Presented by Angela Coble from Johnson & Johnson and Darren Cox from St Phillips College Cessnock

SESSION 2 – Part 2: 11th June – Leading Remote Teams and Managing Productivity

Presented by Steve Tolley from John Holland and Tristan Farrugia from Ampcontrol

SESSION 3: 2nd July – Wellbeing and Resilience in Challenging Times

Presented by Garth & Susie Russell

Garth & Susie decided to combine their skills, wealth of knowledge and life experiences to have a powerful impact on people’s health and wellbeing, by employing our genuine enthusiasm for identifying what is really needed to get the best out of yourself and other people.

“Susie is an established leader and senior educator in the development and implementation of superior quality learning and teaching programs across a diverse range of industries, business sectors and local communities. Her successful career spans more than 25 years in leadership and management and the study of human behaviour. Susie is highly qualified in these areas and is a trained Conflict Coach.”

“Garth is a professional communicator, presenter, entertainer and actor. Garth has worked for over three decades as a radio broadcaster, highly skilled interviewer, emcee and facilitator.”

“Our business has used Garth in various roles, including presenting to our team describing the art of storytelling and allowing a more meaningful relationship to build with clients. Through Garth’s interaction with our business, we have enjoyed benefits for not only the staff and owners, but for the business itself, now highly regarded in building personal relationships and meaningful communication.”

Steve Roxby – Director
Maxim Accounting and Business Advisors

We now help human beings become well beings by reducing the sense of overwhelm, fatigue and stress so common in today’s world. We achieve this by having fun sharing our well-crafted philosophy, and practical tools designed to empower people to make the simple changes necessary to unshackle themselves and lighten the load. This holistic, engaging approach benefits everyone everywhere, in businesses, families and communities worldwide.

SESSION 4: 6th August – Technology and the Virtual Office

Presented by Michael Wilson from Forsythes Technology and Kyla Banks from nib Group

SESSION 5: Class of 2015 Where are They Now?

Presented by Mark Mclean from DPC, Kristy Hedley from Hedweld Group of Companies, Tim Blakemore from NAB, Tegann Kelly from EPS and Rick Evans from RDA Hunter

SESSION 6: 8th October – Lean Leadership and Driving Business Efficiencies

Presented by Jess Cole and Paul Lambert

SESSION 7: 12th November – The Faces of the Hunter at Binnie Beef House

Based on developing relationships and sharing knowledge across industries, and how three Hunter Bred Businesses have done that and survived COVID.

Presented by Steve & Liz Binie from Binnie Beef House, Garth Eather  from Meerea Park Wines and Will Creedon from Alloggio.


SESSION 8: 10th December – Innovation and Celebration with HunterNet

Presented by the Earp Bros Distillery – Richard Earp & Cameron Burns from the Earp Bros Distillery and Dr Ramsey Awad from Hunter new England Health.