Commencing in February, HunterNet hold quarterly potential member breakfasts.  This is a great way to hear from our team about membership benefits and network with existing members.  Our Project Directors Wayne Diemar and Renae Gifford are available to meet to discuss membership and can be contacted on (02) 4925 4482.

Included in HunterNet Membership

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Notwithstanding their different classes of membership and varying obligations to the co-operative, all members shall have the rights and entitlements as provided for members in the Model Rules and the Act.

Membership fees, effective 1 January 2017 (inclusive of GST).

Member Classification Annual Membership
Fee ($)
General Member

Operate a business actively and directly involved in the manufacturing, mining or engineering industries. General members must be committed to quality management and innovation and the process of continuous improvement.

Small Less than 20 Employees $3,250.00
Medium 21-49 Employees $4,650.00
Large More than 50 Employees $5,900.00
Sponsor Member
Service providers to the manufacturing, mining or engineering industries and may join the co-operative in such numbers and from such areas of business as the Board may from time to time determine or require in accordance with the co-operative’s sponsorship policies and the provisions that new Sponsor members may join while the number of existing Sponsor members is equal to or greater than one third of the number of General members.
Patron member

Organisations that, because of their special positions of leadership and influence in their respective areas of activity and business, will be able to bring to bear and make available, a contribution of particular skills, knowledge, advice, influence and assistance for the effective implementation of the policies and activities most suited to achieving the co-operative’s objects.

  • All Membership Applications received by HunterNet Co-operative Ltd are submitted to the HunterNet Co-operative Ltd Monthly Board Meeting.
  • When Membership approved by HunterNet Co-operative Board, applicants receive a Welcome letter and tax invoice for one (1) years annual membership fees. Membership Approval is subject to these fees being paid.

Online Membership Application Form

For further information on Membership, please contact our Member Services Managers, Wayne Diemar and Renae Gifford, or email info@hunternet.com.au

Potential Member Presentation