Through innovation and commitment, Hunternet Group Training Company excels in producing quality staff.  To ensure this outcome for your business, we use the following strategy.

  • Expand on the current participation base that positions us as the leading group Training provider in the Hunter
  • Develop a symmetrical relationship between both organisations that produces outstanding results for each party
  • Establish long term commitments from participating members and other key stakeholders
  • Encourage each apprentice and trainee to strive for excellence and reach their potential
  • Review our practices so we meet the changing needs of your business.

How You Benefit


Hunternet Group Training Company is responsible for recruiting all apprentices and trainees on behalf of companies.


Hunternet Group Training Company manages the administration of all apprentices and trainees.

Industry Specific Training

Hunternet Group Training Company tailors a training development program for each apprentice and trainee, ensuring they are enrolled in appropriate TAFE courses and receive training suited to the needs of their clients.

Transfer Program

Hunternet Group Training Company provides its participating companies with multi-skilled apprentices and trainees.  To achieve this, a transfer system allows time to be spent in other participating companies, thus increasing the skills and knowledge levels for the benefit of all parties.

No Extra Costs

HunterNet Group Training Company pays all initial and progressive costs associated with the employment of apprentices and trainees such as tool kits, safety clothing and TAFE fees.

Employee Options on Completion

Hunternet Group Training Company clients can continue employment at the conclusion of the apprentice or trainee training contract.

Monitoring of Educational Development

Hunternet Group Training Company’s innovative managerial program ensures the progress of each apprentice and trainee is closely monitored.  The outcome is the development of superior skills for your staff.

Pastoral Care

Hunternet Group Training Company focuses heavily on the development of it’s apprentices and trainees by managing issues and matters that may arise during their training journey. relating to discipline and the completion of Training Contracts.

Workers Compensation Managed

Hunternet Group Training Company is responsible for all compensation and administrative costs relating to apprentices and Trainees.


Email HNGTC General Manager, Nick Couper: nick@hunternet.com.au