Hunter Region & Central Coast:   Defence force infrastructure and ADF personnel in the region

It is estimated that more than 4,000 Defence and contractor personnel are employed within the region. Supporting regionally-based and interstate troops is a significant level of defence-related infrastructure within the region.

RAAF Base WilliamtownRadar

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The Royal Australian Air Force’s RAAF Base Williamtown is 30kms north of Newcastle. It is home to most of our Hornet and Hawk fighters and several headquarters:

  • Surveillance and Response Group
    • No 41 Wing
      • No 3 Control and Reporting Unit – radar operations
      • Surveillance and Control Training Unit – sensor operations training
    • No 42 Wing – airborne early warning and control
      • No 2 Squadron – Wedgetail airborne early warning and control aircraftFighter planes
  • Air Combat Group
    • No 78 Wing – operational training
      • No 76 Squadron – Hawk fighter trainer aircraft
      • No 2 Operational Conversion Unit – Hornet fighter training
      • Forward Air Control Development Unit – PC-9/A trainer aircraft
    • No 81 Wing – air superiority
      • No 3 Squadron – Hornet fighter aircraft
      • No 77 Squadron – Hornet fighter aircraft
  • No 44 Wing Detachment Williamtown – air traffic control
  • No 26 (City of Newcastle) Squadron – Air Force ReserveFighter Planes
  • No 87 Squadron – photography
  • Combat Support Unit Williamtown – base managers
  • No 381 Expeditionary Combat Support Squadron
  • No 1 Airfield Operations Squadron – airfield engineering
  • No 2 Air Transportable Health Squadron
  • Joint Warfare, Doctrine and Training Centre (JWDTC) – strategy training
  • Defence Materiel Organisations
    • Tactical Fighter System Program Office (TFSPO)
    • AEW&C System Program Office (AEW&CSPO)
    • Ground Telecommunications Equipment System Program Office (GTESPO)

Fighter World

Fighter World is dedicated to preserving the proud history of fighter aircraft operations in the Royal Australian Air Force.

Singleton Military Area

Singleton army
Lone Pine Army Barracks supports the School of Infantry (SOI) and the Special Forces Training Centre (SFTC). The base houses a permanent workforce of 371 personnel with a significant number of units visiting the Singleton Training Range.

Singleton Military Area Details

The Australian Army Infantry Museum (AAIM)

The Australian Army Infantry Museum (AAIM) is located outside Singleton Military Area, is the custodian of InfaSchool of Infantryntry Corps history and its customs and traditions. The Museum collection ranges from the colonial armies and their first deployments overseas in the nineteenth century through to today’s twenty first century diggers.

Minor bases

  • Bullecort Barracks (Adamstown)
  • Army Reserve Multi-User Deport (MUD)
  • Myambat is an explosive ordnance facility, operated by Thales for Joint Logistics Command

Defence regiments

The region is also home to the following regiments:

Unit                                                                  Location

12/16 Hunter River Lancers (HRL)            Muswellbrook,

Defence Reserve Units                                Bullecourt Barracks, ADAMSTOWN

Army cadets Morisset                                   Rutherford, Toukley, Lake Macquarie

Navy cadets                                                    Newcastle

Air force cadets                                              Adamstown