Frequently Asked Questions – Employers

What are the costs associated with employing an apprentice/trainee through your organisation?

A service fee will be levied on the basis of a 52 week year at 38 hours week, including the time the apprentice/trainee is at TAFE for the standard trade/trainee modules, personal leave and public holidays.

The service fee will be calculated using the following:-

  • Direct Wage payable to the apprentice/trainee
  • Tool Allowance (& other award allowances that may be applied)
  • Annual Leave Accrual and Leave Loading
  • Superannuation Guarantee
  • Workers Compensation Premium
  • Administration fee (as calculated from time to time).

What are our responsibilities with the training of our apprentice/trainee?

Hunternet Group Training Company will provide you with information and support to ensure that you understand these responsibilities and that the workplace training experience is aligned to that of the TAFE to ensure a positive outcome for all participants.

What happens if the apprentice/trainee is injured at work?

Follow your own internal procedures initially and report the situation to the Hunternet Group Training Company field officer immediately.  Hunternet Group Training Company will assist and ensure that the best possible treatment is made available to the injured person. With ongoing assistance provided to ensure that the injured persons return to work will be suitable and timely, so as not to have any adverse affect to their health and well being.

What happens if we are unsatisfied with the performance of our apprentice/trainee?

In complying with the necessary legislation, there is a process to follow, in ensuring that the apprentice/trainee is given the opportunity to meet the necessary requirements. However, as with any employee, if that process is followed and the outcome is unsatisfactory, than the apprenticeship can be mutually cancelled and employment ceases.