HunterNet Defence Project – AnnouncementFighter Jet

Dear Members

As many of you are aware, funding for the Hunter Defence Project from the state government ceased on 30 June 2015. Since that time HunterNet have being trying to secure funding from either the State or Commonwealth – but – to date – we have not been successful.

Given the importance of the Defence sector to the region – and to HunterNet members – the decision has been made to continue the HunterNet Defence Project whilst we continue to seek funding sources for a more intensive program.

I met with the Chairs and Vice Chairs of the forum on the 14th December 2015. During the meeting we collectively agreed for the projects continuation albeit there was a requirement for ongoing secretariat/admin/comms/coordination support.

Consequently, I am pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached with Skildare to support the project under the direction of Adam Loong.

Adam has had a stellar career in both the RAAF as a fighter combat instructor/senior officer, and as an expert advisor in the private sector in leadership and strategy (CV Attached).  Further, Adam continues to support the defence sector as founder and Director of the Hunter Defence Support Network (HDSN) which aims to “ improve the lives of Hunter based ADF members and their families”.

In the very near future, members will again receive regular defence opportunities updates and information on our next HunterNet Defence Forum.

I am sure you all join me in welcoming Amy and Adam in their HunterNet support roles.

Kind Regards,

Tony Cade
Chief Executive Officer

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