Hunter Regional & Central Coast: Regional SMEs (defence-related)

There are several SMEs who have completed Defence projects. They either work with or supply the capacity and have been identified to support and apply their capability to the requirements of Defence, directly, or more specifically through prime contractors or subcontractors.

There are also other SMEs who have the capability to provide their services to Defence however they require additional Defence skills and knowledge to obtain Defence work. For the development and establishment of a larger defence industry within the region, capabilities need opportunities identified and the ‘Defence’ skilling of SMEs and people. Hunter & Central Coast Listing of Defence Companies & Capabilities

Defence related SMEs in the region have provided and will continue to support various projects in the region and include:

Aerospace and JSF

Headquarters for the Air Force’s Surveillance and Response Group, Air Combat Group and two training squadrons.

Successful Aerospace Projects

  • Assembly of 21 Lead-in-Fighter (Hawk) aircraft for the RAAF.
  • Upgrade of F/A 18 Hornet fighters
  • Manufacture of Landing Gear Handling Fixture (LGHF) and other Ground Support Equipment for JSF.
  • Establishment of a world class fighter pilot training and through life support facilities
  • Provision of Communications-Electronics technologies and know-how to remediate Woomera Test Range, South Australia

Current and Future Major Projects

  • Home base and through life support of Hawk, Hornet and Wedgetail (AEW&C) aircraft
  • The future home base of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)
  • Williamtown Aerospace Park (WAP) is poised to become the Aerospace support hub of the Asia-Pacific employing over 3,000 people

Maritime Support

Port of Newcastle is the economic and trade centre for the Hunter Valley.

Succesful Major Maritime Projects

  • Construction of six Huon Class Minehunter Coastal (MHC) vessels
  • Manufacture of six landing craft for the ARMY
  • Refurbishment and ongoing maintenance of serving RAN major fleet repairs
  • Modification and refirbishment of Manoora and Kanimbla
  • Manufacture of ANZAC Frigate Modules
  • Manufacture of Nulka Missile Containers

Current and Future Major Projects

  • Through life support to MHCs
  • Manufacture of the blocks for the SEA4000 Air Warfare Destroyer program
  • Refurbishment and ongoing maintenance of serving RAN major fleet repairs

Nulka Containers

Varley Nulka Missile – Containers 

  Forgacs Site Tomago and AWD Modules

Forgacs Site Tomago and  AWD Modules


Maintenance of ROVs – ATSA and  ROV in Tank

Land Support

Singleton Military includes School of Infantry and Special Forces Training Centre.

Current and Future Major Projects

  • $182M upgrade in progress
  • Manufacture of Land vehicles and components for numerous Army projects including Project Overlander (Land 121)